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Bissaleh Signature Steaks


Bissaleh Miami - Logo PNG Blanco

Who We Are?

A longing dream led me on a quest to find fire.

 I research in a remote midwest farms , far east barns kitchens stoves villages  desert dunes  Scholars and All over the world, I was  searching  for that legendary fire cow,  the one who hovered from New York to Miami at nights between past and future, blazing and blowing igniting the imagination flickering with flames around the table, stirring hearts.  I did not stop until I found this flame and we re-ignited it.

The fire is burning in the kitchen


Where food & style
come together​

VIP Private Room

BISSALEH VIP Room is a unique space in Miami to create everlasting memories. Create an exclusive experience for your guests. Enjoy from an exquisite menu and our signture cocktails.

We provide you with a desirable, convenient and unique location for special events and private parties.

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Have a Free Bottle Of Wine On Us!

We want you to enjoy yourself and spend a VERY pleasant evening in our restaurant. That’s why we’d like to give you a bottle of wine as a gift on your next visit to BISSALEH (One free bottle for every table of  two or more).